Information on Covid-19

Updated on 25/11/2021

Health protocol for ski areas

Mask and Distancing

It is mandatory to wear a mask from the age of 11 in all ski lifts and in the waiting lines. It is recommended that children between the ages of 6 and 11 wear a mask.

Skiers must wear a surgical mask or a category 1 fabric mask (AFNOR SPEC S76-001 certification). Concerning neck protectors, only those that are filtering and approved will be authorised as an alternative to masks. Very practical for skiing and adapted to this protocol, the approved chokers can be put on and removed from the nose in a few seconds.

Skiers must respect the distance between people or groups of people travelling together in the access lanes.

The application of barrier measures is mandatory throughout the ski area. The lift operators will make hydro-alcoholic gel available at the relevant points. The wearing of masks also remains subject to the decisions of the prefecture throughout the resort.

The mask does not need to be worn while skiing.

Health pass

As soon as the national incidence rate in France exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the health pass becomes mandatory from the age of 12, in addition to wearing a mask.

The health pass will be checked by QR-code using the Tous Anti Covid Verif* application.

The protocol provides for checks on people in the sales areas of the lift operators, in the ski courses and at the start of the lifts.

* The application recognises QR-Codes issued in the European Union. Other people whose QR-code is not directly recognised by the application can go to French pharmacies to have their French pass validated if they have been vaccinated with vaccines recognised by the EU.

Passes cancellation and refund policy

Holiday passes

Refund of unused passes (no supporting documents required):

If you want to cancel your order, your unused passes will be refunded free of charge, without any supporting documents required. 
Please send us your request in writing to the following email address no later than the first day of validity of your pass. 

Measures implemented by the other serivces in the resort

Covid-19 : Les Gets resort is dedicated to your safety

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