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What is it ?

This is an electronic support card on to which your lift pass is credited. You carry the card at all times, and it can be read electronically at distance by the reading devices at the bottom of each ski lift.  Three advantages :
- Practical.  Less risk of  loss or deterioration of the card because it stays in your pocket (be careful not to put it next to your mobile phone, pocket ashtray, any other hands- free device, keys or any metal object).
- Environmentally Friendly : Reusable season after season.
- Good Value : No need to repurchase a card and from now on you can save precious time by recharging your lift passes on line (avoiding lengthy queues at lift pass offices).

Rechargeable on line? How?

Each card has a unique number made up of 14 letters and numbers.  This number is called the ‘No Internet’ or ‘No WTP’.  It is printed in the following format : XXXXXXXX XXX-XXX and includes numbers and letters (never the letter ‘O’, but number zero).
Enter this number in your internet order, and tick « Avez-vous un badge ? OUI/ NON (Do you have a card? YES/NO) and the system will recharge your card with your required lift pass.  The updated pass will be validated the first time you use a ski lift on your first day of skiing in Les Gets. (Please pass the electronic reader slowly the first time you use it.)

At this time, and for compatibility purposes, we accept cards from the following ski areas: Portes du Soleil, Grand Massif, Praz de Lys/Sommand et Compagnie du Mont-Blanc.

Where is the No Internet or WTP ?

The number is printed on your card.  Do not confuse it with the Card number which begins with 477 …… This number will not allow you to recharge your card, you can exchange it at the ticket office.
If your card doesn’t have a No Internet or WTP, or if you can’t clearly read the number printed on your card, please e-mail us at commandes@sagets.fr giving the characters you can read (or scan your card).  We will then find your WTP.

Fidelity points on the hands-free card.

There are two types of  bonus points :
- Points accumulated at lift-pass offices when you purchase a lift pass direct.  These are registered on your card and can be checked when required and transformed into free Portes du Soleil days when applicable.
- Internet points for lift passes bought via the website.  These points accumulate in the same way, but do not appear on your card.  You can check your total on the website under « bonus points check ».  Once you have 200 points, you will be able to reload your free Portes du Soleil day.
The ‘Internet’ and ‘Lift Pass Office’ bonus points cannot be combined.  200 points are required on each card to benefit from this offer, and points from different cards cannot be combined.
We would also remind you that special offer lift passes do not award bonus points:, promo skipass, Flash sale Portes du Soleil, cable cars skipass.Season skipasses do not also award bonus points.
The free day must be used on a date outside the validity of your lift pass.

Season or Holiday Lift Pass ?

The season lift pass is valid from the opening to the closing of the ski area.  It allows unlimited skiing and eliminates time-consuming visits to the lift-pass office.  The price of a season pass is the equivalent of 10 one-day lift passes, if purchased with pre-sale price.
The holiday lift pass is valid for a defined duration and only during your stay in Les Gets.   Holiday lift passes are priced on a sliding scale. The days are always consecutive.

How does it work ?

  • Connect to www.lesgets.com/pass.  This is the site where you can order and recharge your lift pass. The best price are on-line.
  • Enter which type of lift pass you require ; season or holiday stay, Les Gets/Morzine or Portes du Soleil.
  • Enter your first day of skiing.  Be careful not to confuse this with your first day in the resort.
  • Enter the number of lift passes required and add them to your basket
  • Complete the information requested.  After your first internet order, this information will be saved on the system, and you will not need to provide it again.  Select who is with you or add those who are not already registered.
  • Insurance will automatically be offered. Un-click the box if it is not required.
  • Confirm your order and pay the amount due - the amount is detailed in your basket.
  • Your order must be done at least :
    - for 1st time booking : 1 day before the skipass starting day.
    - for a reaload : 30 minutes before going on the slopes.

How do I pay ?

Internet : Only bank cards are accepted.
Lift-Pass Office : All ‘standard’ forms of payment are accepted : cheque, cash, bank card, and holiday vouchers.
Post – Cheques and holiday vouchers.

What is Snow Risk Insurance ?

Please find all insurance details on https://en.snowrisk.com/produits.php. It is not compulsory, but is automatically offered for your security and peace of mind.  If you do not wish to take out this insurance, simply un-click the box.  Download the application form here.  Check with your own bank or insurance company to ensure you have insurance to cover your stay.

Day price: 3€/person/day
For 8 days and more: 24€/person/skipass

Where do I collect my Lift Pass ?

While booking your order, you will be asked where you want to get your ski passes back.

Default it will be the “Point Info Internet” in “La Maison des Gets” (in the building of the Tourism Office in the centre of the village).

If possible, you will be able to get your ski passes back in our automaton 24/24, you will receive a QR code

WARNING : season ski passes will be send at home or you will be able to get them back at the “point Info Internet” in the “Maison des Gets”.

What price reductions are available ?

Best price are on-line.

‘Pass Group’ offer - 10% reduction valid throughout the season. This offer is available to groups of at least 4 people for passes of  between 4 and 12 consecutive days duration in the Les Gets/Morzine ski area, between 4 and 14 consecutive days duration in the Les Portes du Soleil ski area. One single transaction.
Saturday Les Gets/Morzine pass.  A special price of either 31.00 euros (29.00 euros online). This is a fixed price without conditions.

Week-end Les Gets/Morzine pass: 59.00 euros (57.00 euros online). This is a fixed price without conditions.
Early-Booking discount : 5 to 15% reduction on passes 5 to 14 days, for any ski area in Les Gets Morzine or Les Portes du Soleil,  bought on line before the 15th November 2019.


The above reductions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

For further information call 04 50 75 80 99
Lift passes do not include insurance.  You can take out insurance when you purchase your lift pass

Do I need a photo ?

Photographs are only required for season passes.
If you are ordering via internet, you can download your photo in various formats (jpg, gif, png), which will already be installed on your computer or camera. This stage is compulsory and you will not be able to go pass to the next stage of ordering without downloading a photo.

If you order by post, don’t forget to include an identity photograph for each pass required.

My photo is already on your database…

Even if we already have your photograph, the internet-ordering service still requires a photograph, and you will need to upload another one

There are a number of us coming. Are there special group prices ?

We consider that a group booking comprises 13 people or more, who are part of an organised group, for example an association or a works council and who make a single, group payment. 13 friends coming on holiday together does not qualify for a group tariff.

I haven't received my order confirmation.

Sometimes the default security settings on your computer will filter out our e-mails as spam.  Check that the email is not in your spam folder.  If not, contact us by telephone or email.  If you have gone as far as the payment page without any problems,  this usually means that your order has been registered, We will forward your confirmation as quickly as possible.  The confirmation email will come from commandes@sagets.fr.

Age Categories

Children under 5yrs do not pay for a lift pass and must be accompanied at all times.

Adult Price :                          From 20yrs to 64yrs inclusive
Child Price :                          From 5yrs to 15yrs inclusive
Junior Price :                        From 16yrs to 19yrs inclusive
Senior Price :                        From 65yrs to 74yrs inclusive
Super Senior Price :             From 75yrs

Which ski area to choose ?

Les Gets/Morzine Ski area :
- 2 Resorts
- 120kms of ski runs
- 68 Ski runs
- 50 Ski lifts
- 1 Snowpark
-1 Activity area (Grand Cry Territory)
- 1 Boarder Cross area
- Freestyle Zones

Portes du Soleil Ski area :
- 2 Countries
- 12 Resorts
- 650kms of ski runs
- 278 marked ski runs
- 202 Ski lifts
- 9 Snowparks
- 3 Half-pipes
- 4 Boarder cross areas